What if You Can have a Mobile Apps as Your Personal General Insurance Customer Services?

Having a trusted insurance services or insurance agent is a little bit difficult to attain for some people. You are faced with a lot of forms and procedures that obviously can take your time more than you have. Not forgetting the risk of fraud from a bad agent. This poses risk to the insurance customer, as well as to the insurance company it self.

Imagine what if all of that role can be done by an apps? A mobile apps. You certainly want to have a simpler way to get your insurance needs taken care of. Some insurer already start to develop claim servicing apps because they thought that claiming is the most important thing to serve to the customer. Well, that is just ain’t enough if you want to fully satisfied your customer.

Here is the thing, from a customer point of view, they need ‘somebody’ or ‘something’ to help them:
  • Apply for insurance with ease
  • Recommend what insurance suitable for their needs and lifestyle
  • Help them ease the process of premium payment
  • Help them ease the process of endorsements
  • Help them ease the process of claiming
  • Help them ease the process of policy renewal and/or policy termination
  • Help them get another value added offering that relate to their insurance policy

Lets start to imagine the process we need to implement to be able to cater all of the above needs of an insurance customer.

a). Insurance Application Stage: Please throw out all the complicated process, a bunch of different written application forms for different products, and too many unnecessary questions at the beginning of the application. Here is what you should make the customer do in the apps: MAKE A SINGLE CUSTOMER PROFILE that can be used later to purchase all kind of your insurance products.
b). Insurance Purchasing Stage: Insurance company should make their apps act as a consultant to the customer. Provide various suitable products according to the customer profile provided in the apps, and let the customer choose what they need. Give them the privilige to choose recommended products, extention cover and do other administrative things such as self endorsements, self risk survey, etc. Insurance company can verify and validate at the back end process. Current technology such as geo tagging, digital forensic, etc should be able to help insurance company to prevent customer initiated fraud.

c). Insurance Claims stage: Simplify the claim reporting and submission process. Provide automated services such as recommended claim provider (car workshop, hospitals, etc) based on customer location, emergency button, automated claim survey scheduler & reminder, self claim progress monitoring, paperless claim reimburstment, insurance limit monitoring & reminder, and the claim rejection description. For more advance claim process, you can ask the customer to select claim proposal from a list of perils claimable under the policy. By this way, the customer can have an interim view about the liability of their claim, whether their claim are claimable or not to the policy they have. This can help the insurance company manage customer expectation of their claim, and minimize claim disputes.

d). Insurance servicing: other things that can be added such as linked bank account with policy premium due date. This is to make sure that the customer premium are credited on time and avoid them from late payment that can leads to claim rejection. The other use is to conviniently transfer the approved claim payment directly to the customer bank account or the designated beneficiary bank account. For recurring insurance policy, insurance company should provide renewal reminder facility on their apps and let the customer give updates on their insurance object details for any changes available. Changes of terms and conditon should be done at the back end. Other useful feature can also include integration with credit card account, premium installment facility, and cash back for no claim bonus. How about integration of annual premium charge and annual maintenance fee of the insured object? This can be also an interesting feature for the customer. By then they will have their asset both insured and well maintained. All the insurance company need is to have the right maintenance vendor partner for their customer, and let the customer choose the maintenance vendor via the insurance apps.

e). Another value added: for assets such as motor vehicle, or property insurer can make their apps as a third party certificator by providing claim history of the insured objects. For example: if a customer wants to sell their vehicle, and they have a clean loss record, they can show the ‘Non Claim Certificate’ of their vehicle via the apps to convince potential buyer that their vehicle are in a good shape and have no accident records. This will increase the selling value of their vehicle to the potential buyer, because it has been certified by a trusted third party (which is the insurance company). They could also integrate routin vehicle maintenance record in the apps with the vehicle maintenance vendors. That way, the customer will get reminders and notifications for maintenance schedule. Will be more interesting if you can also integrate vehicle maintenance bookings to the nearest vehicle workshop or towing services.

For property asset, will be interesting if you could provide integrated CCTV or IPTV monitoring into your apps. Many customer now have CCTV or IPTV installed on their house. If you can connect their CCTV/IPTV to your apps, and have an incident notification facility (such as fire incident, burglary incident, etc) that will be a helpful feature to your apps. You can also add the automated emergency caller if the apps recorded such an incident (ex: fire incident will trigger automated call to Fire fighter call center, and burglary incident will trigger automated call to the police call center. Giving them precise location of your property based on Geo tagging data so that help will come immediately).

There are so many possibilities with the help of developed and emerging technologies. Insurance company should think of more creative ways to better service and satisfy their customer, and if possible beyond their expection. Lets hope that this is all soon going to happen and benefited for all parties, whether the customer or the insurance companies.


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